Richie Confirms Project with Gazzman in the Works

Written by Unknown

Monday, 17 October 2011 22:04

On Wednesday, superstar maker Richie has confirmed to Kompa! Magazine that a Gazzman/Richie CD project is in negotiations and is close to getting the green light.

Richie told KM that "everything has to be right in terms of the conditions, and then we'll take it from there if everything falls into place. As a matter of fact, I have a couple of producers that are extremely interested in the project."

For fans of the hit song, "Ou se", a salivating thought of Kompa direk from two master maestros must be putting an urge in your hips to lose it before the album release.

Captain Sam, major promoter of the Paris sound had this to say:

"Nan market Paris a la...In the Paris market, if Richie and Gazzman were to do a band together, that would be the best solution for both artists right now. diSIP is non-existant in the Paris market right now, and in regards to Zenglen, not enough is done for them in this market for them to be a force here. The best solution would be for Richie & Gazzman pou fe yon djaz, and I guarantee that yo tap vin yon force bo isi a for a long time to come. Also se seul jan mwen we ke yo te ka contrekare Nu Look to."

Could the two artists, Richie and Gazzman draw another or a couple of high profile names and form a "dream" band? Talk has been heard around the HMI of other maestros who may join the duo but when the questions posed to Richie he replied:

"I am not going to give any opinion on the street reaction concerning a band. What I know is that the same thing that I told you about the PROJECT, everything remains the same from the last time that I spoke to you."

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