Who Will Be the New Leader of Haitian Opposition?

Written by Michelle Mevs

Saturday, 28 May 2011 15:58

Participation of citizens in politics at a higher level is essential.

The people worldwide think that their vote is worth its weight in hope. Hope for change is everything to the population both as a group and as individuals. Indeed, the right to vote, which is the right to elect a symbol, a personification of hope, is essential to people.

When you see the determination in the 'Arab street', when you see the ordinary guy ready to give up his life for a change of regime, it all becomes clear that, nowadays, participation of citizens in politics, at a higher level, is essential.

Haiti celebrated this past month a change of regime with a new government; the one of Michel J. Martelly, which brings hope for system-change. Our President says let's put-down of the old society entwined in Preval's 'status quo' and 'monopoly' of power and politics.

Meanwhile, the chambers, which is one arm of the democratic mechanism, which constitute the elements of check and balance in Haiti, finds itself in quite an 'uncomfortable' position. After consideration, it becomes clear that the chambers have lost the confidence of the people and thus cannot ensure its important constitutional function.

Why the discredit of Haitian Parliament or Chambers, one may ask?

The reason: as an element of the previous 'status quo' party and of the political old-school ideology, the chambers representing the majority members of the old regime party: INITE.

This why, people in this country as well as in the Haitian-diaspora, are at a loss, often wondering about the goal or interests behind any and all intervention of the chambers.

In conclusion, in Haiti has risen a political necessity, space for a new opposition has opened. (yes, even outside boundaries of government and possibly justified by the street-revolutionary movement world-wide, the youth and visionary appeal for the change of the time!)

A new generation is in command in Haiti, a corresponding opposition should rise!

America (the U.S.A) is not the center of our future. Haiti has its own story and should build a better future for its own specifications & culture always; even remembering that it lies within the Americian sphere of influence.

Our strength should be to demonstrate our will and capacity to prevail on our own. Setting an opposition-voice is one of the roads.

Time has come. The civil society together with some long-time 'fighters for political & social improvement' (and they are many a great men on the terrain in Haiti who could be named here) must come forward to found a worthwhile opposition-force, a voice, to yes, 'tet kale' itself, at the level of the new Haitian governemental power: the 'tet kale'regime.

What is democracy without proper opposition?

Meanwhile, the Haitian press (the established mainstream medias) having recognized the weight of the social medias and having welcomed - for quite some time - its participation in online - communication - tribunes opened both to the general local public and the Haitian-diaspora is now to become the channel of the new opposition.

Is it too much to believe that a pressing agenda calls for the Haitian press to include now on its opened lines the voice of a well set and organized opposition?

Securing democracy isn't that a necessity for the ordinary man of the street and of any other group of society dealing with a new government, new regime, good-willed, zealous but inexperienced?

Of course, meanwhile the Haitian press is already recognized both locally and internationally as a champion of democracy, it is clear that the public in general has expressed many times its concern when the voice of the medias, has been, time and times over, squarely ignored by governments.

This might be underlined as one more reason and a motivation sustaining this call; the intervention of a well organized and democratic opposition.

The question remains now:

Who in the political arena, who indeed, will come forward and assume this role of a reliable leader of civil-opposition? A courageous visionary leader would be the profile required.

This champion, this leader, will certainly be one Haitian capable of questioning faults/errors and or approving government decisions and policies; coming up with ideas and solutions.

His stand would be to communicate to the ordinary guy and the others, the general public, through the mass medias and of social medias. His activities can be implemented in so many ways.

It is well known that in the recent past, civil society in Haiti has tried desperately to express and survive but has been shattered on what one could say: a negative political atmosphere, not at all favorable to its courageous interventions.

Essentially, there are so many government decisions that affect in so many ways, every citizens of the Haitian land and of the exiled Haitians in diaspora of which both feel frustrated having no control what so ever.

Times have changed and Haiti cannot go back on old 'langue-de bois presidential predatory regimes. An instrument is necessary to ensure open lines.

Hopelessness and dependency on foreign forces and interventions has to be banned in Haiti.

The only way to secure that Isn't it to establish a strong opposition?

Going for a functional democracy?

Sustainable democracy requires a fruitful collaboration power/government in place with opposition, resulting in careful and good governance.

People's votes and voices taken into account through opposition is a must.

Here lies the hope for change and when there is hope, there is no possibility of going back to a predatory dictatorship!

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