Martelly Snubs the Haitian Press of First Interview

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Friday, 08 April 2011 11:59

This is not about us. DH doesn't consider itself "the press." DH is merely a tool for delivering the information that is out there and the way that it is portrayed. Our readers make the news, through what they decide to do and say about the information that is out there. So, again, this is not about us.

The press is an institution of the state, sometimes called the {japopup type="iframe" content=""}fourth estate.{/japopup} It is neither the government nor the people but plays a critical role in advancing democracy and strengthening both.

So it is a point of criticism that we must point out that the newly elected President of the Republic of Haiti did not grant his first interview to the Haitian press but to a foreign corporate entity, the Miami Herald (which we here at DH do have much respect for).

This is not the way things should be done. It is one of the biggest reasons the Wyclef candidacy-for-candidacy lost its support from the Haitian community. Whenever Haitians have something of interest in their community, the Haitian press is shunned for the international press and that's a shame.

Even Worse for Martelly

In the case of Michel Martelly it is more shameful as it was the Miami Herald, that first published the story on his failed real estate investments and his pending investigation by the United States Federal Communications Commission.

The Candidate Michel Martelly was very frustrated at a televised Presidential Debate in Haiti last month, the former candidate was enraged even. He was upset that a member of the press would ask a question, a question regarding the failed investments, which was published by the Miami Herald, itself. The journalist who posed the question even noted that the article was from the Miami Herald, which he had printed and presented to the crowd and cameras.

So it befuddles me that the President-elect would give his first interview to the Miami Herald, let alone a non-Haitian press. I guarantee you the Haitian press would not have asked the final question about dancing atop the National Palace naked. They would know better than to pose a question like that to their head of state.

Haitian president-elect Michel Martelly

So to Michel Joseph Martelly, this is the first interview, the damage is already done for that regard. But for the future, you can get much more work done by working with members of your nation's press. There is a lot of money internationally for your interview or information about you, let the Haitian press get some of those rights so they can be empowered as well.

Either way, this only one hiccup since the election. The Haitian people, we, are in a place that we have never been before. Our hopes are on you now, the easiest way to guide your steps to not make mistakes is to always think, "defend Haiti."

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