Pardon the Introduction "Dutch Rebelle"

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BOSTON, USA ( - It’s probably a stretch to claim that the Boston Hip Hop scene has always been at the forefront of the genre’s prodigious standing or even something special to be reckoned with. Boston’s Hip Hop stage has yet to get full national recognition in the world’s arena. That is, until now.

And so she’s made a grand entrance with her own brand of lyrical creativity and intellectual style that has the town abuzz with excitement. First let me to introduce you to Vanda Bernadeau, better known in Hip-Hop as Dutch Rebelle, one of Boston’s newest and finest stylists, named best 2011 female Artist for New England’s Urban Music Awards with her ‘Beauty vs. The Beast’ project. Dutch Rebelle is the super Member of the hip hop collective Famous Nobodies with Brook, Real P and Johnny Bravo.

Beantown Ish/Ketchup

The unapologetic Dutch Rebelle is forcing Hip-Hop to contort its game, to up its showmanship, and finally forcing the world to take note. Boston Hip Hop is coming of age. Rebelle’s musical versatility has much to do with her unique background, migrating from Haiti to the United States with her parents when she was 9 months old. Though her dad is a native of pride city Thomonde in Plateau Central, and her mom, a native of the beautiful Petite Riviere, the young star herself was actually born in the Capital of Plateau Central Hinche. So New England’s best female emcee has that pulsating Hispaniola bloodline running through her veins.

We haven’t seen this much excitement about a Boston Artist since the late Guru’s. Dutch’s YouTube super series “Mestyle Fridays” was enough to make A&R's scramble for a strategic plot. Dutch Rebelle’s name became a trending topic on twitter and FaceBook with her break through ground visual video Beantown- ish /ketchup, with a format that mapped out Boston City better than any touristic duck tour in Boston. Now the demand for Dutch Rebelle has reached a fever pitch. She is on the map, and so is Boston Hip-Hop.

Not least important is her manager, Reginald Charles, head of Rhoaming Music Group whose unpretentious handling of her business is skyrocketing her into the stratosphere. Charles’ only interest is strategizing Dutch’s rise and people’s access to her music.Managing Dutch Rebelle as the founding member of Black Roses; a network of super talented females in entertainment, Charles still walks a humble journey, understanding the weight he carries with her. I dare you all, all of you, any of you, to disagree, but when you hear her tunes you will find something that makes her distinctive.

I was always surrounded by music and the arts in general; everyone on my mom’s side of the family does something artistic she claimed. The Young Star looking forward to meet a lot great people such as super producer Sak passé Joseph, and influential artist like, Missy Elliot, Lauren Hill, Styles P and many more. Dutch ReBelle’s sophomore project called Married To The Music is set to be released early Fall of 2011.

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