Haiti - Kompa: Richie's New Band is Formed

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Saturday, 24 March 2012 13:27

WEST PALM BEACH, USA (defend.ht) - The new band of former Zenglen drummer, Jean Herard Richard aka Richie, is formed.

It is a "bagay neuf" the band would have one believe by its slogan. The group has not been officially named yet, but is working on an album due out soon according to Le Matin.

But the list of musicians has been undisclosed.

Former Zenglen musicians are part of the band. Maestro drummer Richie used two singers. Enock Bordes, a former member of Djakout Mizik and Alex Lavaud. El Pozo, guitar, Nixon Mesidor, bass guitar, Carlo Cheuveu, percussion, Jude Severus and Eve - a woman, and Saurel keyboard drums.

Of talented musicians who are self-explanatory. The album is in preparation, will be eleven (11) engraved titles.

Music fans are eagerly awaiting the new group of maestro Richie. Richie has his fingerprints on the pulse Kompa Direk.