Big Band Konpa and Rara in the Spotlight at NOLA Jazz Festival

Written by Sonny Lindo

Friday, 29 April 2011 13:43

At last year's New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, international artist from the Dominican Republic, Senegal and Martinique were featured but this year, the spotlight is on Haiti.

The festival this year will bring from Haiti, Rara bands, big-band Konpa and acts such as Tabou Combo, RAM, Boukman Eksperyans and Emiline Michel among others. Also featuring this year is Wyclef Jean.

Producer of the festival, Quint Davis said "this is one of our broadest years, musically speaking, we've got important people comign from all ends of the spectrum and for some of them they're all new to jazz fest."

The seven day festival will run over the course of two weekends at the Fair Grounds Race Course in New Orleans.

Along with the artists from Haiti, Lauryn Hill, Cyndi Lauper, Fantasia and John Mellencamp will be on hand, as their first appearances.

Davis also said "Jimmy Buffest, the Nevilles, Jeff Beck, Irma Thomas, Bon Jovi, these ares ome of our favourite people and they'll be back.

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