False Rumor: Martelly, Wyclef Head to Suriname

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Thursday, 05 May 2011 23:04

This story was found to be untrue. It is part of a series of false rumors by Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel.

PARAMARIBO, SURINAME — President-elect Michel Martelly and Hip-hop singer Wyclef Jean will arrive in Suriname on Friday to visit the Surinamese President, Desi Bouterse.

Reported by {japopup type="iframe" content="http://www.stabroeknews.com/2011/news/breaking/05/05/haiti-president-elect-for-suriname/"}Stabroek news{/japopup}, the goal of Martelly’s visit is still yet unclear but is probably in line with building allies in the region to strengthen relations through out Latin America and the larger Caribbean.

At the end of next week, the Surinamese President will leave for Port-au-Prince, Haiti, at the head of a government delegation for the inauguration of President Martelly on the 14 May.

A meeting between Surinamese President Bouterse and Wyclef Jean was schedule back in September 2010 in New York, USA.

During a speech to the United Nations, Bouterse, called Jean to meet with the Surinamese delegation at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, where the Surinamese delegation was staying.

At the last minute the meeting was canceled because the artist was struck by a severe migraine and with signs of exhaustion and stress. Jean was treated at an undisclosed hospital.

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