Fabienne Colas Aspires to Launch Multicultural TV Channel on Cable

Written by Jean-Christophe Laurence

Sunday, 05 June 2011 23:02

fabienne colas tv producer

QUEBEC, Canada - Imagine talk shows with a multicultural flavor. News shows relevant to your needs. Kitchen programs focused on foreign cuisine. Retransmissions of African performances. And soap operas made by Haitians.

This TV channel is the dream of Fabienne Colas and she has submitted her application to CRTC. If all goes well, this station could take off within three years, on cable.

"Quebec television, at the moment, everything is designed, prepared and presented by pure-wool, said the producer." "With this project, it would give cultural communities the opportunity to give their point of view..."

The ethnocentrism of our TV is no longer a secret. Guy Fournier has denounced to the issuance of Christiane Charette. The actors of color objection more. The Anglos, indeed. For minorities, visible or not, it is extremely difficult to place on the small screen. Once a mirror of our society, television reflects more than a part of the Quebec reality.

With this new station - whose provisional name is diversity TV-, Fabienne Colas wished to remedy the situation and fill the void. She wants to give place to other accents, other cultures, other colours, other faces and, especially, other eyes. It is that the string be thought and designed by those whose voice is not sufficiently heard. As she said so well: "I have decided to stop skis and make my grain of sel.»".

100% francophone

Diversity TV would broadcast 100% French, with 15-35% of local productions. It would find broadcasts of sports, information, clips, programs on religion and cultural life, documentaries and a lot of foreign films, usually seen in festivals of cinema ethnic as Fantasia, Festivalissimo or Festival in the Arab world.

Ms. Colas does not, moreover, the retransmission of performances in collaboration with various cultural organizations in Montreal. "I am open to agreements", launches the young woman of Haitian descent, who is also an actress and Director of the Montreal black film Festival.

In sum, the station would have all the features a standard general-purpose string, but "with a different flavor." Its artisans would be of foreign origin, but not necessarily his subjects. It would see the Quebec reality from a different angle, avoiding the stereotypical "castings" to which minorities are generally restricted. "The people of the communities, when they are invited to the TV, it is only to talk about the culture of their country of origin, summarizes Fabienne Colas.". Here, I give them the field open to talk about the society in which they live, in the ligne.»

Note that Ms. Colas has not only a single project on TV. Good taste TV channel, dedicated to the kitchen and culinary habits around the world, is also subject to consultation on the site of the CRTC, and, to June 20. The body should decide on one and the other in the fall. With a licence, Ms. Colas would have his "ticket" to woo potential distributors.

The producer, who built his project on intuition more that on market studies, believes that the need is real. One thing is certain, the place has never seemed as free, then that Metro 14 (formerly CJNT) seems to want to abandon the niche of multicultural local productions.

The pub? Sponsors? It is still the greatest challenge of the so-called media "ethnic". But this is not worried about this Quebec Oprah, who believes fully in his project.

"I am convinced that this chain will do that enrich the environment of the Canadian TV, she concludes." Because we must not hide the: many minorities feel neglected by the Quebec TV. That's why they themselves drew on American TV: this is where they are. "But with this project, could reconcile all the world..."

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