The Ministry of Tourism of Haiti Chooses New Logo, Slogan

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Saturday, 05 May 2012 18:41

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( - Following a competition launched March 10, 2012, the Ministry of Tourism has selected a new logo and new slogan to be used in a communication campaign to promote Haiti as a tourist destination and put the country on the regional and global tourism map.

Between 10 and March 31, the Ministry of Tourism has received nearly 400 proposals for logos and slogans as part of this contest launched on social networks. Between 1 and April 8, the public was invited to vote on the mini-competition website:

As announced, the Ministry of Tourism has made his choice among the top 50 logos and slogans first 50 who received the most votes on the Internet.

The final choice for the logo was worn on the logo "Choublak" Xavier Delatour. The logo of Xavier was in competition with the final logos Williamson Dulce who had also caught the attention of the Department.

Minister of Tourism:
Click to see: {japopup type="image" content="images/haiti_tourism_logo.jpg"}Logo 1{/japopup}, {japopup type="image" content="images/minister_of_tourism_logo.jpg"}Logo 2{/japopup}

The logo - the word "Haiti" decorated with a hibiscus flower and a sun - evokes the charm of nature and the profound beauty of the country and landscape. This logo symbolizes so radiant the new positive image that will highlight the Ministry of Tourism of Haiti. As explained Xavier, "this design is the evocation of choublak our national flower, which is a beautiful flower and is also known for its medicinal properties. Each of us has seen the hummingbirds came to feed from them. The hibiscus adorn many houses, streets across the country and are a symbol of our landscape ".

The slogan that was chosen is "Experience It!" Diana Pierre-Louis. This slogan sums up the experience powerful and intense often experienced by visitors who discover Haiti for the first time. It is a beautiful invitation to discover for yourself the myriad riches of the country and the intense sensations they provide. This is a shortened version of the original proposal of who Diana was - "" Experience it yourself ". Diana is passionate about Haiti, its art, its culture, its beaches. She enjoys sharing her experience in Haiti with others and the positive image it conveys incites others to experience it. When communication campaigns aimed at the Francophone and Creole, the slogan will be translated into French by "L’expérience!", Creole by "Se la pou la" and Spanish by "La experiencia"

This logo and slogan will now be developed in a graphic with the production of various visual aids and promotional items available in the month of May to promote tourism in Haiti.

The Tourism Ministry reiterates its heartfelt thanks to all the contestants, and all those and all those who voted and shared their views on the Internet - helping to make this competition an important step in building this new image of Haiti. The Ministry of Tourism invites you to share its new logo and slogan on your profiles in social networks to promote a whole new visual identity for the Ministry of Tourism of Haiti to boost tourism and recreation in Haiti.