Rhum Barbancourt 150 Years Old and Gets Better

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Sunday, 18 March 2012 06:26

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht/Le Nouvelliste) - Great patron of culture, intangible heritage you can get a bottle or case, the famous Rhum Barbancourt® hits 150th anniversary on Sunday. Every Haitian is proud, regardless of class or religion, the nectar produced by the oldest business in Haitian activity. We buy it without drinking and drink it without loving to say how this product was installed, in manners. Not a home has not held a bottle of Barbancourt. The Rhum of ConnoisseursTM apt in age and reputation.

"One day, he missed the sacramental wine. The sexton, in a quandary, refusing to let me bless the holy communion with a glass of water, put Barbancourt Rhum in the decanter. Everything went very well, the wine turned into a three-star or vice versa." The priest who tells the anecdote still laughs. Convinced that coping is not a sin, he is up to remaining anonymous.

Long before the Mass, the Rhum Barbancourt is a sacred product since its launch in Haiti. It is used both in voodoo ceremonies and as medicine. Protestants offer it as a gift and do not feel that it is an alcoholic beverage. It's rum, our Rhum Barbancourt.

We poured drops to the ground to salute the memory of the dead, it is incorporated into recipes; Barbancourt rum is drunk as an infusion with tea or digestive luxurious.

There are circles of graduates drinkers and occasional servants who succumb to its charm...

To understand the scope of this product, we must go back to time immemorial. In 1862. Over one hundred fifty years that Haitians trust taste or hear about this beverage. This marks the spirits, generation after generation.

The advertisements of the company, although no law in Haiti requires it, do not encourage consumption. The mention of product quality is sufficient to take the necessary reminder before the invasion of the market by products from different sources.

The yellow boxes stamped with the company logo and HAITI in large black letters identify a Haitian in all airports in the world.

A free bottle sealed friendships and reminds us of the generosity of a land rich in history with sugar cane.

For the Barbancourt Rum is distilled from cane juice. Cane, it is the evocation of the past wealth of the country, a history of colonization and also pride. A pride only synonymous to one business in Haiti: Barbancourt.

According to the company site, all begins in 1862. Dupre Barbancourt, from Charente (France), adds the final touch to a rum that bears her name. Using the double distillation method usually reserved for large cognac, rum Dupre Barbancourt discovered a unique character in receiving since its creation the highest international awards.

Source: Le Nouvelliste