Haiti: Two Years Later More than 500,000 Still Under Tarps

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Thursday, 05 January 2012 16:39

OTTAWA, Canada (defend.ht) – As we approach the second anniversary of the January 12-earthquake, half a million people still live under tarps and makeshift shelters, and cholera has permanently taken its place.

This is the conclusion of the Humanitarian Coalition, a group of five humanitarian agencies working in Haiti, including Oxfam, Care Canada and Plan Canada.

The Coalition members are unable presently to determine when the 500,000 homeless people can return to stable housing. As for cholera, it is a real presence in the country and nearly 70 percent of Haitians still have no job or access to basic services, according to agencies.

They note however that much progress has been made. Some 650 schools have been rebuilt, more than one and a half million children receive daily meals at school and over 50 percent of the debris of the earthquake was removed, representing about five million cubic meters materials of all kinds.

The Coalition commended the efforts of the Canadian government has paid 90 percent of the funds set aside following the earthquake, compared to over 47 international funds pledged are still missing. This is a good performance compared to other donors, the Coalition reveals.

Humanitarian Colation said the main challenge in Haiti will be the transition from relief to development and a long-term reconstruction of the country.