Haiti-Carnival: One Dead and 130 Wounded, Says A First Official Report

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 17:45

LES CAYES, Haiti (defend.ht)- A first partial official toll reported one dead and 130 injured after the carnival in Les Cayes city (Southern Haiti). But, accidents recorded in the region during the festivities would have at least five dead and several wounded. President Michel Martelly promises to the people of Port-au-Prince a Carnival of flowers next summer.

The organizers have displayed Wednesday great satisfaction after issuing a report of one dead and 130 wounded for the first two days of the Cayan carnival.

A 29 year-old man, Schiller Guerrier, who was drunk, was killed by a carnival truck on the night of Monday to Tuesday. 70 new casualties were added to the 60 recorded Sunday. A yacht with 5 carnival-goers sank off the coast of Les Cayes killing two people.

The head of state, who has engaged in extravagant gyrations during an appearance on a musical truck - welcomed the successful holding of this first edition of the national carnival outside Port-au-Prince. In the opinion of the former lead singer of Compass Martelly said "Sweet Micky", in power for nine months, this initiative is part of the process of "decentralization" of the country.

For his part, the mayor of Cayes, Yvon Chery, estimated at over 300,000 the number of revelers from Port-au-Prince, and other parts of the diaspora who have invested the third largest city of Haiti during the three days fat.

The largest Haitian festival occurs in the middle of a major political crisis on top of power and tense relations between Parliament and Martelly who refuses to cooperate in the investigation in the Senate on his alleged double foreign nationality.

Martelly promised that once the thousands of displaced January 12, 2010 have left the central square in the heart of the capital, a Carnival of Flowers will be held next summer to allow Port-au-Princians to have fun.

This type of carnival had been set up under the dictatorship in July to celebrate the birthday of former President for Life Jean-Claude Duvalier (1971-1986).