Slow Fire Response Displaces 600 in the Bahamas

Written by Bahama Tribune

Wednesday, 02 March 2011 11:21

10:15am - A Haitian shanty town off Fire Trail Road is on fire this morning. According to EMS personnel on the scene, no one was injured in the blaze which is believed to have started around 7am.

According to reporters, the fire is believed to have started when a woman left a pot burning on a stove.
The village is situated close to concrete homes and residents and homeowners are frantically tossing personal items out of their houses and doing what they can to save their homes.
Residents are complaining that firefighters took hours to arrive on the scene and they believe the delay was intentional because there are illegal immigrants living there.


10:30am – We've just had word that the fire, which is off Island Drive and Fire Trail Road has now spread to a concrete home. Fire officials tell The Tribune the fire is not under control because the Haitian houses are so close together the flames are spreading quickly from one home to another. At this point there is no official count on the number of structures in this particular village or how many people live there.

10:37am – An estimated 600 people could be displaced by this fire. A number of people who lost their homes in the Mackey Yard fire in January had moved into this village.


Source: The Tribune