Miami Police Shoot 22 Year Old 100 Times, By-standers Claim Cover-up [VIDEO]

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Friday, 17 June 2011 17:09

MIAMI BEACH, USA - On Memorial Day, early morning May 30, Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida police shot an unarmed man 100 times in his car. Following the shooting were dozens of arrests as officers worked to cover-up the incident by smashing cameras and cellular phones of by-standers.

22-year old Haitian American Raymond Herisse was said to have hit an officer at a traffic stop and then took off, hitting or nearly hitting three or four other vehicles. Herisse would come to a stop less than 3 blocks away. Where after 12 officers with guns drawn, commanded him to step out of the vehicle, a few seconds later would open fire shooting the young man 100 time.

After the shooting officers then proceeded to detain or arrest by-standers who were filming the incident. According to video posted on YouTube officers even drew weapons at the on lookers when they tried to obtain mobile devices and phones. Furthermore, on the day of the shooting it was understood that Herisse had been un armed but two days later, the police would change their story to say that a semi-automatic handgun was found in the vehicle.

Shooting of Herisse
Officers Pull Guns on Bystanders

John DeLeon of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was quoted saying "this isn’t a question of police trying to secure evidence. It’s a question of police trying to destroy evidence of what they had done… There were First Amendment violations. Arguably, there were Fourth Amendment violations to the Constitution and police using excessive force."

Police officers contend that Herisse hit an officer and nearly hit four others. On video it can be seen that a motorcyclist and a car came in close contact with Herisse's vehicle. Officers argue that they felt they were in danger as well as the general public.

Regarding the aftermath of the shooting, the police say they confiscated phones and cameras but did not destroy them. Their argument is that these devices could serve evidentiary purposes.

Currently the 12 officers are on administrative leave for discharging their weapons and have not yet been interviewed.

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