Haiti: Preferential Treatment for Jean-Claude Duvalier

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Friday, 20 January 2012 15:59

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – Organizations defending human rights noted how the current government gives a preferential treatment to former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier.

Some speak of rehabilitation attempts of Jean-Claude Duvalier, whose son Nicolas is one of the advisors of Michel Martelly.

"We are extremely shocked by the way the state treats Haitian Jean-Claude Duvalier. This is very serious, the government sends out a very ambiguous. Despite all the complaints against him, he is treated like a VIP in the country, "growls Danielle Magloire, Coordinator of the Collective against Impunity.

The president visits the dictator at home; he invites him to official ceremonies. What signal does he send then to justice? questioned Ms. Magloire.

"The highest authorities of the State are attempting to rehabilitate Duvalier. He was granted his pension, was invited to official ceremonies, he is escorted by the National Police in his movements, "according to Antonal Mortime, Executive Secretary of the POHDH whose remarks were reported by the agency AlterPresse.

In his speech to Arcahaie, May 18, 2011, President Michel Martelly reiterated his campaign promise to make the fight against impunity and the establishment of rule of law priorities.

"Paradoxically, he always invites the former dictator, a defendant who challenges the justice of his country, to all official celebrations organized by the government. This fact is a clear signal that the team in place shows no inclination to fight impunity in Haiti, “says RNDDH.

The former dictator was noted on the occasion of the official stand alongside General and former President Prosper Avril, not far from Martelly and former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Special Envoy of the UN.

Duvalier, called by the prosecution after his return to Haiti January 16, 2011, is supposed to be under criminal investigation for crimes against humanity, theft, misappropriation and embezzlement. He is under house arrest, while only twenty-two complaints against him are heard by the courts.

"The state spends tax dollars for the benefit of Duvalier. There are even attempts to recover Duvalier its so-called property. This contrasts with the rule of law advocated by the President in his speech, "says the executive secretary of POHDH.

In Gonaives, 16 December 2011, when Duvalier was involved as a sponsor to promote a graduation of law students, he requested a minute's silence in memory of three school children killed by his henchmen in the same city in 1985.

The family of Jean-Robert Cius, one of the murdered students, filed a complaint against the former dictator and is part of the collective against impunity.

Will Duvalier be judged one day?

The investigating judge Carves Jean, in charge of the Duvalier, was forced this week to convene on 20 January, the former tyrant, which ignores the restrictions imposed by the order inserted in the summons.

"I am currently writing the order for termination and in relation to certain movements of Mr. Duvalier I have not allowed. For example, I did not authorize him to take part at the commemoration of 12 January, "said the judge in AlterPresse.

"House arrest is a measure alternative to preventive detention extended. In violation of this measure, Duvalier knows what he’s facing, "adds the judge.

The judge said that "if there are no drawbacks, the order will be ready by the end of January." This order shall terminate the investigation on the back of Duvalier. Thus, we will know whether the former dictator to be tried or not.