D.R. President to Dedicate University to Haiti on January 12

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Sunday, 08 January 2012 13:51

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (defend.ht) - The office of Dominican President Lionel Fernandez announced a series of trips abroad, one of which would bring Fernandez to Haiti on January 12th to dedicate a new university campus in Limonade.

The new campus was a gift from the Dominican Republic. President Michel Martelly visited the campus while it was under-construction in November and said "this is the result of good cooperation between the two people and ensuring that both country can do joint work."

The Le Roi Henri Christophe University will open its doors to 10,000 students on the second anniversary of the earthquake of January 12, 2010, said Prime Minister Garry Conille on Friday.

In a press release, President Martelly congratulated Dominican Ambassador, Ruben Silié, and all Haitian and Dominican engineers working on the site and the number of employees amounts to over a hundred.

The release said that the people of Limonade, including schoolchildren, will soon benefit from higher education in their community and can already be pleased with the quality of training that will be provided.