France to Help Haiti Set Up New "Security Force"

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Thursday, 26 January 2012 17:54

PARIS, France ( - French Chancellor Alain Juppe, at a meeting in France with his Haitian counterpart Laurent Lamothe confirmed that "France was ready to accompany Haiti in terms of formation of a Security Force." This would be a new military force whose mission is to combat smuggling and to secure our borders.

The Foreign Minister of France promises to help Haiti build a new « security force of defense economy-oriented ». Alain Juppe, who met on Wednesday with his counterpart Laurent Lamothe at the Quai d'Orsay, wants to stop smuggling and secure the borders of the two countries sharing the island of Haiti.

"I have confirmed that France had responded positively, we are ready to assist Haiti in terms of training for the Security Force. We have in this area a good expertise and the Minister [Lamothe] told me that the issue of concern especially the Customs. This is a point on which we will support Haiti," said Alain Juppe.

The head of French diplomacy made the promise after a direct request of his Haitian counterpart. According to Laurent Lamothe, President Michel Martelly intends to adopt new strategies to combat smuggling through which the country lost more than $ 320 million per year. "Hence the need for a new security force at the border," he said to the attention of Alain Juppé.

The question of the formation of a new military force has always been a bone of contention between the administration of Martelly and the international community. The Washington Post had written last year that it was not a priority right now in Haiti, a country struggling against cholera and trying to rebuild.