Law Professor Osner Fevry Puts Blame on Prime Minister

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011 09:30

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( - Lawyer and professor, Osner Fevry, declared his stance on the political crisis following the arrest of a sitting member of parliament. The man of law places blame on the level of Prime Minister Garry Conille for what he characterizes as either involvement or incompetence.

Professor Fevry puts the prime minister at fault because he is the head of the government and all other actors are, or should have been, under his control. Fevry said, speaking first of the role of Garry Conille:

"Who is he? He is the chief of the government. Who is this? The supreme chief, the commander in chief of the national police. He is the head of the CSPN (Supreme Council of the National Police). All the agents in the street, the director general of the police, detectives and others, they all are dependent on the authority of the prime minister."

"Even if Mario Andresol is the commander of the police, he [the prime minister] is the Commander-in-Chief the head of the CSPN where the Minister of Justice and the Minister of the Interior also sit. So who committed this act that has put us in this crisis? They call him Mr. Félix Léger. Who is he, the Commissioner of the Government. Listen to me closely, my friends. Let’s be logical Quisqueya."

"Mr. Félix Léger is the Commissioner of the Government. He is not the Commissioner of Mr. Martelly. He is not the Commissioner of the President. He is not the Commissioner of the Minister of Justice. He is not the Commissioner of the Minister of the Interior. He is not the Commissioner of Minister Lamothe of Foreign Affairs, he is not the Commissioner of the Minister of Public Safety, or the commissioner for a section of the airport or anything like that. He is the Commissioner of the Government… and who is at the head of the government, they call him Dr. Garry Conille…"

Osner Fevry
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A Moral Judgment on the President

Mr. Fevry says that the president cannot be judged before the parliament and impeached for the crisis. He does not believe we should put the head of state to shame but does believe that a greater impeachment has already taken place.

Mr. Fevry feels that in the court of public opinion the presidency has lost trust and credibility for lying to the people of Haiti:

“There is a question of trust, a question of morality, a question of truth that has come out of this, the truth to the people."

“When you cover up what has happened here a sanction has already been made. They call this sanction a moral sanction. You see that many people are bluffing and many people are telling lies so that they can hide what happened for the president.”

“How could MINUSTAH be deployed, with all its contingents and the police, to circle an airport as if Bin Ladin was landing at the airport? It is the president I am sure that passed the instructions. What there must be, on the side of the president, is men of courage to say ‘no this is not how things are done’.”

“As a result, there is a moral sanction that will come down.”