Haiti: Former Gov't Prosecutor says He Resigned and was Not Revoked

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Tuesday, 03 January 2012 11:47

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) - The former Government Commissioner, Lionel Constant Bourgoin, says he gave the Minister of Justice a verbal resignation the night before he sent a written letter of resignation dated Saturday, December 31st. Bourgoin says the justice minister's press note, released Sunday January 1st, claiming he was removed from his post is not true.

News broke on Saturday that the Government Commissioner had resigned citing his principles. The matter was concerning an order of arrest for members of the Provisional Electoral Council which was not supported by a warrant for arrest. In his resignation letter dated December 31st, Bourgoin wrote:

Because of my deep convictions, fully aware of the extent of my mission, I can not be the armed wing of any power of authoritarian inspiration eager to establish its order.

In the early hours of Monday January 2nd, the Haitian press received a communication from the Ministry of Justice saying that Government Commissioner, Bourgoin, was "removed from office for adopting incorrect and inappropriate behavior in the case," of the Provisional Electoral Council.

Anchorwoman Marie Lucie Bonhomme
Former Gov't Commissioner Lionel Bourgoin
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On Wednesday, morning Lionel Bourgoin spoke on {japopup type="iframe" content="http://radiovision2000haiti.net/home/"}Radio Vision 2000{/japopup} with Marie Lucie Bonhomme, where he was asked about how the New Year is beginning for him:

"...I started [the year] good. I am a fighting man, man of convictions, a loyal man and I love the truth; I started this year well. I have more conviction to continue to fight for justice in Haiti and I know I have a lot of support and people who have high esteem for me."

"You see that I am not hiding, everybody can call me and find me etc. I'm not running away and that is because I know I acted well from my formation and my instruction."

Bourgoin was asked by Anchorwoman Bonhomme if he resigned or was he revoked from the position, to which he answered:

"I resigned and you can find the letter with the receptionist secretary at the Ministry of Justice dated the 31st of December. Saturday December 31st."

"Since 2:00 AM that morning in a conversation with the minister, he had called me, and I told him 'if this is how you want things, well then I will resign.' And he accepted that I will bring my resignation to him."

"I went to the Court of Instruction to formalize the letter that I wrote when I was at home and I went to give it to his secretary at his office."

"...and he acts as if the letter hadn't come and reached him already and for himself he prefers to rather revoke me instead."

"I was surprise to hear a different song yesterday that said there was a note from the Minister of Justice that came out that would have people believe they revoked me. I said 'this I can not let it be...'"

Bourgoin was asked by Bonhomme if in his conversation with the Minister of Justice, did he ever say he would revoke Bourgoin for having a bad disposition. Bourgoin answered: