Senate Justice and Public Safety Aims to Resolve MINUSTAH Problem

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Thursday, 15 September 2011 11:34

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( - The case of alleged rape of the young-Port Salutin by four soldiers of MINUSTAH has garnered the attention of the Justice and Public Safety Committee of the Senate, which authored a report on this topic and intends to attack this problem in depth, according to statements by its chairman, Senator Youri Latortue.

Sure, its recommendations will not beat around the bush: it is a part, to limit the immunity of UN soldiers on the other hand, program and ordered a gradual withdrawal of MINUSTAH for the creation a new police force in the country.

"We demand, in the case of renewing the mandate of MINUSTAH, scheduled for October 15, the removal of the general immunity of soldiers linked to acts performed outside the exercise of their duties," said the senator from Artibonite broadcast on Magik 9.

"If a soldier commits a crime outside of his office, upon request of the victim, immunity will be removed and the soldier in question will have to appear before the courts of Haiti, said the senator wants, thereby avoiding any further abuse by peacekeepers blanket immunity granted to them by the Security Council of the United Nations. To this end, the Committee suggests the UN to make new work on the immunity of its soldiers in order to meet its primary mission is to ensure harmony between nations and not to support the violation of human rights."

The rape of the young Haitian is not only a crime but has been made ​​in aggravating circumstances: it was a gang rape and, moreover, was conducted by a group predisposed to secure citizens' was the Senator's remarks.

According to him, the Senate Committee on Justice and Security, which met in Port-Salut the victim and his family as well as MINUSTAH and local authorities in the context of this case, has decided to strengthen the battery of lawyers to help young people to uphold their rights.

Moreover, the gradual and orderly departure of MINUSTAH, registered as a second draft resolution in the report of the Senate Committee, is not considered unconditionally. It must be, according to Youri Latortue, accompanied by the schedules of the various troops withdrawals, a reform of the mandate of the UN mission for the focus this time not only safety but also the training necessary to the creation of a new police force and by inserting in the next state budget expenditure the implementation of the future institution of national security.

"With the money we have for the National Police, 80% we can run two principals ", says Youri Latortue, who believes that the lack of resources of the PNH, declared a hundred times, is comparable to a rather too extravagant management of this institution.

"Today, the PNH will operate as a national [force] without having the means to do so," criticized the senator, nostalgic for the days of the army where he was given more benefits and less wages to military, unlike the police today.

"The national economy is the strength of the national army," recalled one vote energetic senator of the republic.

"Gradually, as production increases in Haiti, the military will increase its capacity," added the former military man, for whom the army and police are two complementary strengths to ensure the security of a country.

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