Haiti: Deputies Urge the Executive to Subdue Insecurity

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Wednesday, 14 December 2011 13:14

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – Deputies Rony Celestin (Thomassique/Lavni), Martial Depas (Cabaret/AAA) and Eloune Doréus (Mole St Nicolas/Alternative) criticized the passivity of the government in response to increasing banditry.

Several Deputies denounced Monday the sharp deterioration of the security climate in many parts of the country and urged the government to act swiftly and fight a new wave of insecurity that led last week to murder and kidnapping.

The representative of Cerca La Source / Thomassique (center) Rony Celestin says that in his district traders are regularly preyed upon by bandits. Highlighting the fact that gangs are not only operating in Port-au-Prince, the Parliamentary of Lavni says the situation has already lasted too long.

His colleague of Cabaret (West), Martial Despas, said that his district also saw hard times due to the rise of insecurity coupled with the explosion of unhealthy and economic stagnation. The MP cited as an example the case of a young entrepreneur Cabaret already a victim of repeated burglaries and has not been spared in recent days.

For its part, the MP for Mole Saint-Nicolas (northwest), Eloune Doréus, is very concerned at the resurgence of the phenomenon, says he will have a negative effect on all efforts to attract investment foreigners in Haiti.

Convinced that rampant banditry is mainly due to problems of social and non-political, the Alternative elected called Martelly-Conille government to adopt appropriate measures to prevent the people of a dark Christmas and New Year.

Two policemen were killed last week, the body of one of them was found burned.

In terms of heinous kidnapping, various cases have been reported. A prominent banker and a health professional that was with him were released after long hours of confinement.

A collaborator of Radio Kiskeya has escaped his captors through the miraculous intervention of a police patrol.

Fast-moving armed gangs operating in several sectors of the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince are literally on the offensive on the eve of Christmas.