Full List of Secretaries and General Directors of Government

Written by Office of the President

Thursday, 27 October 2011 12:00

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) - On Wednesday, the Presidency of the Republic of Haiti released the list of Secretaries and Director Generals of state institution. The list of 19 secretaries and 15 general directors is below.


• Georges Racine of the Interior
• Richard Maurasse of National Defense
• Jean Fritz Jean Louis of Local Authorities
• Reginald Delva of Public Safety
• Philippe Cineas of Transportation
• René Jean Jumeau for Energy
• Jean Claude Francois for Higher Education
• Milaine Alexandre for Literacy
• Marina Gourgue for Vocational Training
• Paul Antoine Adrien to Sports
• Carline Montas to the Youth and Civic Action
• Gerald Oriol Jr. Integration of Persons with Disabilities
• Fresner Dorcin for Crop Production
• Michel Chancy for Animal Production
• Carl Murat Cantave for the Population
• Mathias Laurent for Trade
• Jean Gerald Brutus for Industry
• Michel Brunache for Foreign Affairs
• Elsa Baussan Noel for Heritage

B. MANAGING DIRECTORS • Ronsard St-Cyr, Social Affairs
• Arielle Jeanty Villedrouin, the IBERS
• Gesly Leveque in Haitian Popular Bank
• Bernard DeGraff, the ONA
• Pierre Robert Auguste, the National Press
• Bernier Sylvain, Radio Nationale D'Haiti
• Frantz Michel Carly at the National Directorate Book
• Emmanuel Menard, at the National Library
• Jean Ernest Paul, at the Post Office
• Michel Oriol, the OAVCT
• Miriam Jean, Executive Vice President of the People's Bank Haitian
• Victor Saint-Louis, Deputy Director General at the AGD
• Philippe Charchoute, Director General for OAVCT
• Tony Achilles, Deputy Director General at the AGD
• Favard C. Duperval, Executive Vice President at FAST

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