Cap-Haïtien Kicks Off President's Tourism Week

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Monday, 25 July 2011 11:31

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - President Michel Martelly was joined by the First Lady on Sunday as the government kicked off Tourism Week in the North, city of Cap-Haitien.

From the airport of Cap-Haitien, the Head of State was greeted by a large crowd and the press where he stressed the need to wisely use the tourism potential of the country.

Martelly described doing his part by seeing the airport runway rehabilitated and extended. "A standard international airport is important to have a development center in the North."

President Martelly committed to upgrading historic and tourist sites as well. Among the sites, the rehabilitation of the Sans Souci Palace and the reconstruction of Barrière-Bouteille's city gates.

In addition to concrete actions to boost tourism, the President of the Republic also intends to implement projects related to education, electricity, housing and job creation.

The president reiterated the creation of 35,000 jobs in the northern industrial zone of Caracol to be completed by March 2012. New plans have been accepted to construct 5000 homes in the area.

Cap-Haitien Sites: {japopup type="image" content="images/stories/925p.jpg" title="Notre Dame Cathedral, Cap Haitien"}Notre Dame Cathedral{/japopup}, {japopup type="image" content="images/stories/925o.jpg" title="Barriere Bouteille, Cap Haitien City Gates"}Barriere Bouteille{/japopup}, {japopup type="image" content="images/stories/925n.jpg" title="Sans Souci Palace, Cap Haitien"}Sans Souci Palace{/japopup}, {japopup type="image" content="images/stories/925q.jpg" title="Cathedral at Place d'Armes, Cap Haitien"}Cathedral at Place d'Armes{/japopup}, {japopup type="image" content="images/stories/925k.jpg" title="Place d'Armes, Cap Haitien"}Place d'Armes{/japopup}

The large crowd that greeted His Excellency at the airport marched and sung along side the president for several kilometers until their arrival at Place d'Armes.

President Martelly describe the urgency of the hour is to provide a better picture of Haiti throughout the world and to work to find a better life for the Haitian people. The president invites all sectors to participate actively to achieve the desired results during its five-year term.