President Michel Martelly Talks Investment at Clinton Global Initiative

Written by Hérold Israël

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 00:39

NEW YORK, USA ( - Monday 19 September 2011. The President of the Republic, His Excellency, Michel Martelly, today before a group of leading businessmen delivered a speech to encourage them to invest and to show them the advantages for their businesses.

This meeting was held as part of the Clinton Global Initiative and included participants such as, the former U.S. President Bill Clinton, President of the Inter American Development Bank, Luis A. Moreno, Digicel CEO Dennis O'Brien, Madame Magalie Noel Dresse and Chairman Kim Woungi, CEO of SAE-A, a company that has invested $78 million for an industrial park in the north of the country.

The audience was made up of people with money looking for opportunities to invest their money. Former President Bill Clinton lauded the demeanor of President Martelly who sees only the need to get Haititans to work. Chairman Kim and Denis O'Brien spoke about how they had taken the decision to invest in Haiti during really difficulty times and convinced many to see it and create more jobs.

President Martelly is working to implement new measures in the state that will take care to protect investments, it was important to today's Haiti that international leaders not make it appear worse than it is, a way to stretch out the leather others. Effectively, this change will create the conditions for people to invest to get people working again.

The president has set up a consultative council with several former heads of states who will have the job for brainstorming ideas on how to recover the image of Haiti, which he says will allow more people to do business with you.

President Martelly met with others throughout the day also at the United Nations, where once again he was compelled to show the need to create a body that can defend the country and return it to the dignity of decades past. He also discussed the future mission of the United Nations, the development of Haiti as a state based on respect for the law, the incident that happened in Port-Salut, and requires the organization to take responsibility for his own justice to the way it accordingly.

Hérold Israël is the Director of Communication for the President of the Republic of Haiti