Haiti: President Martelly's Tirade, Accuses Plot to Coup d'Etat, says Sources

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Thursday, 02 February 2012 17:45

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) - An uninvited President Michel Martelly interrupted a meeting at the private residence of Prime Minister Garry Conille as he was meeting with a group of parliamentarians. The Head of State entered with a vitriolic castigation of government officials accusing them of conspiring a Coup d'Etat, this, according to multiple sources.

At the residence of the prime minister, members of the senate G-16 majority bloc and the chamber of deputies Parliamentary Group for the Renewal (GPR) majority bloc met to discuss with the prime minister the constitution and the free education initiative of the Martelly-Conille government.

President Martelly was alerted of the engagement and made an unexpected arrival at the event and according to various testimonies gathered, President Martelly denounced the meeting as a plot to overthrow him.

"The head of state has used serious insults and inanities that we can not repeat to qualify the members present," said a senator who spoke of meeting with the Haiti Press Network.

"We were treated to all the names by which the president thought it was a plot that was being set up to overthrow him in favor of Senator Steven Benoit (Ouest/Alternative)," added the MP who spoke with anonymity.

Senator Steven Benoit was not present at the event and during a press conference Thursday, confirmed having heard about the incident but dismissed the idea of ​​a plan to overthrow the president.

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