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Martelly Welcomes Four E.U. Development Projects in Hinche

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Saturday, 10 March 2012 20:56

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HINCHE, Haiti (defend.ht) - President Michel Martelly accompanied the European Union Commissioner for Development, Andris Piebalgs, on Wednesday for the inauguration of four development projects in the Centre capital of Hinhce.

It was the opening ceremony of a series of development projects financed by the European Union which sent its Development Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, to officially open the new premises of the Tribunal de Paix, the Civil Registry and those of the School of application and basic educational support center (EFACAPs).

The two authorities, President Martelly and Peibags also opened the road section linking Mirebalais in Hinche (54 km) before laying the foundation stone for the rehabilitation of a portion of Saint Raphael - Hinche.

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"International assistance in that capacity slows implementation of all projects," lamented Senator Centre. At the latter's proposal, the European representative has approved a nod. After the earthquake of 2010, the EU has made ​​a pledge only up to 1,325 billion euros.

"Substantial challenges remain. Appropriate, to overcome them, to set up three vital components: good governance, political stability and effective planning, "recommended by the Commissioner. The head of state abounds in the same direction: "Political stability is a necessary condition for economic and social progress," he acknowledged, calling for calm to the population of the region.