Aristide Receives His Diplomatic Passport

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Orlando Aurelien

Monday, 07 February 2011 02:03

Orlando Aurelien was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is a founding member and managing editor of The Sentinel and is the Chief Operations Officer of Defend Haiti, LLC also advising on cultural and historical context. Read More.


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A diplomatic passport for former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was received by U.S. Attorney Ira Kurzban this past weekend, who traveled to Port-au-Prince for this very purpose.

Aristide's attorney left Haiti Saturday, February 5, with the diplomatic passport in his pocket that will allow the former president to return to Haiti on a date that he may determine himself.

The local newspaper said Kurzban arrived in Port-au-Prince on Friday night with all the necessary documents needed to obtain Aristide's passport.

The Foreign Ministry previously had given the OK to the Department of Interior, who immediately proceeded to analyze the documents submitted by Mr. Kurzban. "They were considered correct. And given a diplomatic passport, "one reads.

While his supporters have engaged in recent weeks a series of movements for his return, Haitian authorities have announced that Jean Bertrand Aristide was free to return to Haiti when he wants.

Just last week, Maryse Narcisse, spokesman for the former head of state reiterated the wish that "the governments of Haiti and South Africa come into contact to facilitate the quick return" of Aristide.

In a recent speech, Jean Bertrand Aristide for his part denied any desire to go into politics if he ever returned to his country. Instead he spoke of health reasons and the desire to invest in education.

Source: AlterPresse