FHF President Jean-Bart Says He is Clean

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Friday, 19 August 2011 16:14

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) - As the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) continues its ethics investigation involving several heads of Caribbean football clubs, Dr. Yves Jean-Bart of the Federation of Haitian Football (FHF) is pleading his innocence.

"I am clean. Everyone knows, even those who hate me. Tout moun tet fret poze. For now, I'm working with them to the full success of this investigation", said Yves Jean-Bart.

Dr. Jean-Bart, also known as "Dadou", was among a list of 16 leaders of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) who allegedly received payment, pleaded his innocence.

Although "clean," he says, he is ready to cooperate with the investigation in order to tell all he knew with regard to this matter.

According to a statement out of Zurich (FIFA), on May 10 and 11, a meeting of the officials of the CAFUNION was held in which members collected, in the least, $40,000 [US] to give their vote to Mohammed Bin Hammam who faced the 4th term president, Joseph Blatter. Bin Hamman was forced to withdraw from the race in June and was banned for life from football.

"I explained to the members of the Ethics Commission that I had not Bahamian visa to get there. Haiti is not present at the meeting, as did the members of the Ethics Commission decided to open an investigation into the country members absent at the meeting, including those of Haiti," he added.

The Ethics Commission has already contacted the sixteen official of the CFU for further interrogation in connection with this procedure.

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