Haiti U-20 Women Upset Group Favorite Jamaica 1-0

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Saturday, 07 January 2012 13:32

SAN CRISTOBAL, Dominican Republic (defend.ht) – Lady Grenadiers opened up the Women’s Under-20 World Cup Ubekistan 2012 Qualifiers by dropping the group-favorite Reggae Girlz of Jamaica 0-1 in San Cristobal, D.R..

The only point scored in the match was in the 38th minute by Haitian National Team Striker Roselord Borgella who hit a penalty shot after a handball violation by the Jamaican national team.

It was reported in the Jamaica Observer that the Haitian national team had put on a heavy assault past the 30-minute mark that Jamaican goalie, Taylor Grant, succeeded in defending.

But the assault would take its toll on Shanice Shaw of Jamrock who was judged to have handled the ball. The call was made by Cuban referee Annia Veira.

”Borgella made no mistake with the 12-yard penalty kick,” said the Observor.

Only the winner of group will gain automatic qualification to the CONCACAF finals set for Panama in March.

Coach Vin Blaine of Jamaica expected to have an easy road to qualifying when his team was drawn in Group E with Haiti, The Cayman Islands and the host nation, the Dominican Republic.

The Haitian team had a precarious preparation regiment but saved time by not having to travel heavy.

The winner of Group E will join the victors from Group F — Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Guyana and Puerto Rico.