Guns for Ganja Dealers Elude Jamaican Authorities, Again

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Monday, 09 May 2011 16:11

PORTLAND, JAMAICA - Police in Portland Parish are hunting a man they believe to be a player in the guns for ganja trade with Haiti.

It is a growing trend, with this being the second time, in recent days, that suspects have eluded officers.

The suspect in this case, escaped following a car chase Sunday, abandoning his Toyota Camry motorcar containing 126 pounds of ganja.

"The police were on patrol when they saw the car in the vicinity of the Port Antonio Courthouse at Bryan's Bay. They signalled the car to stop and it started to drive harder westerly," Inspector O'Neil Thompson told the {japopup type="iframe" content=""}Jamaica Observer.{/japopup}

However, about half a kilometer further down the road, the car crashed into the guard rail as it entered the North Coast Highway and the lone occupant escaped in the vicinity of the San Shay Beach.

The car was taken to the Port Antonio Police Station where it was searched and 126 pounds of ganja found. Twelve parcels were compressed with the rest three buckets.

No documents were found in the car, which carried the licence plate 1050 FF.

It is suspected that the car is stolen.

Thompson said that the incident should serve as a warning to those involved in the illegal trade between Jamaica and Haiti that the police are serious about stopping it.

Police recently seized a boat with two men aboard, but the men escaped. No contraband was found in that incident.

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