British Royal Couple Meet 'Baby of Hope'

Written by UKPA

Friday, 04 March 2011 20:02

UNITED KINGDOM - The Prince of Wales, Charles, and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Bowles, have met a baby who became a symbol of hope after the Haitian earthquake.

The royal couple were at Mansion House in central London for an event organized by the British Red Cross to thank the volunteers and donors whose efforts are helping to rebuild the country after the January 2010 disaster.

Among them was Judith Craig, secretary of United Haitians in the United Kingdom and her two-month-old daughter Afrykah-Amaya Morency-Nalus, the youngest member of the charity.

Ms Craig met her partner, Handel Morency-Nalus, to whom she is now engaged, a week after the earthquake when they attended a fundraising event.

Speaking after meeting both Charles and Camilla while her daughter slept in her arms, Ms Craig, from Stockwell, south London, said: "They were lovely. They congratulated me on Afrykah-Amaya and asked me about the charity.

"It was so nice for her to meet them too. Out of all this pain and disaster, she has been that little sign of hope, and I'm glad they saw her for that reason."

Charles, patron of the British Red Cross, told those assembled: "It's a great joy to join you today and, at least in a small way, pay tribute to the incredible humanitarian reconstruction work that has been going on in Haiti in the aftermath of that horrific earthquake that struck last year.

"What is particularly heartening is the way diverse organisations, including several of mine and my wife's patronage, and my own Foundation for the Built Environment, have made partnerships to create solutions to challenges which you can only describe as being of Herculean proportions."